• Provide a website supporting the signing of documents with digital signature with a key pair stored on the server / HSM / Token.
  • The website also supports signing with Cyber Token on the user side.


  • Client-side digital signature solution on all Windows, Mac OS or Linux operating systems.
  • Compatible with all browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, Cocoa, …
  • Provides full functionality of data signing (xml, pdf, office, txt), online certificate validation functions via OCSP or indirect via CRL.
  • Provides HASH signing solutions to reduce sign-on and anti-tampering traffic.
  • APIs are provided in Javascript for integration with other applications with ease.
  • Prevent decompile or impact on source code.
  • Secure the user’s data, do not save sensitive data, important at the client.
  • Ensure that the private key of the user is safe and that only the legitimate owner (registered with the public digital signature service provider) can use the secret key.
  • Ensure timely updates when a vulnerability is discovered that damages the user.
  • Automatic updates for Windows, Mac OS and Linux.
  • Many applications can use the same solution.
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