Electronic invoice (also called e-invoice) has been built on the web interface to help enterprises set up and manage invoices in the fastest and most convenient way with high authentication. Enterprises using e-invoice will save a lot of time and costs, and simplify the sending and receiving of invoices.

STID currently offers two versions of e-invoice: with and without validation code of the General Department of Taxation (name is eBILL).


  • Integrate with available management software of enterprises: ERP, CRM, SCM, accounting software, …
  • Sign invoices concentrate on the server using the .p12 file or the HSM/Token devices.
  • Support for online authentication, anti-piracy invoices.
  • Centralized management system is easy to deploy, maintain and upgrade.
  • Online tax declaration.
  • Sign emails, text.
  • Authentication of participants in transactions.


  • Save on printing and storing cost.
  • Convenience in sending and receiving invoices between Enterprises – Customers and Enterprises – General Department of Taxation.
  • High accuracy and security by integrating digital signatures into e-invoice.
  • System deployment is high availability and easy to backup and recover data.