U2F is the acronym for Universal 2nd Factor – a two-step verification technology, an open authentication standard that allows Internet users to securely access online services with a single, quickly and do not require software drivers or other support. U2F technology is co-developed by Google Security Team with Yubico and NXP developed by FIDO Alliance (Fast IDentity Online). Compared with similar technologies like SMS OTP or RSA SecurID, U2F has unique innovations that make it safer and easier to use.

Follow the roadmap of the security solution for the authentication of the banking system and online transactions, and follow the decree of 630 / QĐ-NHNN where “D” transaction (the highest level) needs to use U2F/UAF from 1/1/2019.

Up to now, STID’s been the only company in Vietnam that has received the certificate of FIDO U2F product to provide our customers with the highest level of security and reliability.



  • High security: strong two-factor authentication using public key cryptography, supported in the browser (Chrome). Protection against phishing, robbery access, MITM attacks and malware attacks.
  • Easy to use: to verify, user simply touches the card on an NFC-enabled smartphone or clicks a button on the FIDO U2F USB device. Other solutions require user to copy a code (often referred to OTP) from the device.
  • User using a FIDO U2F device can use it for a variety of services, from Internet Banking to Gmail, YouTube, Dropbox, etc. Professional user can also use FIDO U2F to log into servers via SSH or VPN.
  • FIDO U2F products work the same way, enterprises deploy FIDO U2F technology to avoid being “locked in” to a proprietary manufacturer.
  • Multiple choice: it is designed for mobile phones and computers, with various authentication methods (locking device, mobile phone, fingerprint reader,…) with various communication methods (USB, NFC, Bluetooth).
  • Reasonable price: it depends on the requirements of user that price of FIDO U2F device is from $ 10 to $ 30. In the future, price of these devices will go down when there are many suppliers available.