The WebService APIs are designed to allow third-party (client) applications to connect easily.

The API describes how software components interact and interconnect through defined interfaces.

STID is the leading provider of APIs for digital signatures and related applications for Banking, Government, Telecom, Finance, Insurrance …



  • The WebService APIs on all Windows, Mac OS or Linux operating systems.
  • Compatible with all browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, Cocoa, …
  • Provides full functionality of data signing (xml, pdf, office, txt), online certificate validation functions via OCSP or indirect via CRL.
  • Provides HASH signing solutions to reduce sign-on and anti-tampering traffic.
  • APIs are provided in Javascript for integration with other applications with ease.
  • Prevent decompile or impact on Plug-in source code.
  • Secure the user’s data, do not save sensitive data, important at the client.
  • Ensure that the private key of the user is safe and that only the legitimate owner (registered with the public digital signature service provider) can use the secret key.
  • Ensure timely updates to the plug-in when a vulnerability is discovered that damages the user.
  • Automatic updates of Plug-ins for Windows, Mac OS and Linux.
  • Many applications can use the same solution.


For many companies, the API is an important part of business platform, most of the applications in their business model revolves around API.

  • Standardization of architecture for the whole enterprise.
  • Provide a mechanism for applications to exchange and link together to form a complete business cycle.
  • Provide ecosystems for integrated services.
  • Be the foundation for the development and expansion.
  • Reuse and optimize available resources of the system.
  • Provide an integrated application environment.